Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Velocity Girls web site is up!

I've finished the second draft of my novel, Velocity Girls. Next I plan to have a professional editor go through it, and then it will be time to start looking for a publisher. My friend Kate George tells me it's time to put up a web site and start telling people about the book.

So here goes. I've spent the last couple of days putting together a rough first cut at a web site for the book. But first I needed some tools.

Spent a few hours digging around for a modern HTML editor that can do both WYSIWIG and code editing, and can do site management, because my beloved old PageMill won't install on 64 bit Windows 7.

Struck out. After reading reviews and promos for hours, I settled on trying three editors that seemed popular and highly rated - and free or reasonably affordable: Coffee Cup, KompoZer, and Amaya. Coffee Cup doesn't even have WYSIWYG any more, and Amaya has nothing resembling site management. KompoZer has both, but so many things in the package are broken that it's quite frustrating to use. And none of them hold a candle to PageMill's clean, slick, and comprehensive suite of features.

So, a decade on and HTML editing software has gone backwards? Boo!

Anyway, I've managed to put together a few pages, and - because we need a picture on the web site - a rough draft of a cover for the book. This isn't the final version, I'm sure, but at least it gets close to what I have in mind.

There's also a brief bio, and some short excerpts from the novel. Feedback on any or all of this is welcome.

So please check out my new Velocity Girls web site!

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